Paul Davies was born and educated in England, studying at the Chesterfield School of Art. After completing his studies he immigrated with his immediate family to Los Angeles, California.

Davies works in a variety of mediums including oil, graphite and pastel ranging in size from the very large to the very small. His work is primarily figurative in nature and is imbued with compelling, yet subtle emotion with an almost dark, brooding quality.

Over the years he has been influenced by both contemporary and historic masters, notably Rembrandt, Egon Schiele, Edgar Degas, Marcel Duchamp, John Singer Sargeant and Alberto Giaccometti.

Many of Davies’ works now reside in private collections both domestically and abroad with exhibitions in Brea, CA; Beverly Hills, CA; West Hollywood, CA; Palm Springs, CA; Austin, TX; Portland, ME and Osaka, Japan.

Davies now works in his studio and resides in rural Maine, an environment that he declares has “enriched his work to no end”.

Current representation is with Sarah Bain Gallery, Anaheim, CA and Jameson Gallery, Portland, ME.

More information is available at: pauldaviesart.com


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