Egon Scheile

egon scheile image

The work of Egon Scheile has been a powerful force in my own creativity for as long as I can remember. His erotic and contorted human forms have a twisted, yet graceful quality that is unmatched by any other artist.

Inspiration from his work comes to me from many different aspects of the work. Bold and deliberate line work, subtle skin tones, minimal but demonstrative sketching with exaggerated forms all fascinate me to no end.

Each figure is more than just a study of the human form, it’s a study of the human being.

I had all but retired from life drawing for many years as a result of a bad relationship with a model that I painted. I vowed to never draw or paint another figurative work again. I kept this promise for several years until one day I started thumbing through my personal collection of art books. I remember getting excited with anticipation when I eyed one of the several Egon Scheile book spines on the shelf. Needless to say, after many hours of revisiting the wonderful work of Mr. Scheile I fell in love with the human figure all over again.

For the most part, I’m primarily a figurative painter again and enjoying every minute of it!


~ by pauldaviesart on February 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Egon Scheile”

  1. Did you know that a midwestern music collective called “Rachel’s” composed and recorded a series of works around Egon Schiell’s paintings? Neo-classical string quartets and quintets for the most part that match Schiell’s visual impact very well!

  2. That sounds truly amazing. Do you by any chance know of any links for information regarding “Rachel’s”? I’m interested in listening to these series of works. Thanks for comments.

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